Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church
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Community and Events
7:00-9:00Meet and GreetOpen PrayerOpen PrayerOpen PrayerOpen PrayerOpen PrayerPancake Breakfast
9:00-10:00Worship Leaders' MeetingMembership ClassMembership ClassMembership ClassMembership ClassMembership ClassPancake Breakfast
10:00-12:00Morning ServiceMorning ServiceMorning ServiceMorning ServiceMorning ServiceMorning ServiceMorning Service
12:00-2:00Open PrayerOpen PrayerOpen PrayerOpen PrayerOpen PrayerOpen PrayerOpen Prayer
2:00-4:00Afternoon ServiceAfternoon ServiceAfternoon ServiceAfternoon ServiceAfternoon ServiceAfternoon ServiceAfternoon Service
4:00-6:00Pot Luck MealChoir PracticeFinancial Peace CourseEvening Meetingand MealEvening Meeting and MealFeed the HomelessPot Luck Meal
6:00-9:00Worship Leaders' MeetingCrafts NightA.A. SupportLadies Bible StudyMen's Bible StudyTeen Fun NightFamily Fun Night

Upcoming Events

NOTE: When special events are held at the church, weekly scheduled events may need to be cancelled. Contact your event organizer for details.

February 12-13Raise the House day.
Join us for a 2-day construction get-together to rebuild the Manna's damaged house form last month's flood.
Contact Judy Johnson for details
February 14Youth Valentine BallContact Jenny Ratcliff for details.
February 19Sacred Love - In Concert!
A special night of rock worship!
Contact Brian Johnson Jr. for details.
February 26-28Youth Encounter
A 3-day camping trip in the Anytown Mountains for children aged 5-15.
Contact Beverly Louisa for details and for chaperone opportunities.
March 11Animal rescue volunteer day.Contact Susan Cleveland for details.
March 17Open poker night. Bring your change jars!
All proceeds go to the Building a Foundation foundation.
Contact Elder Cleveland for details.
March 22Walk, Run, or Ride for diabetes.Contact Robert Craig for details.
April 11Easter Service/Egg Hunt and LunchContact Elder Ratcliff for details.
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